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embrace® Active Scar Defense - 4cm.

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embrace® Active Scar Defense is a preventative scar system that actively shields a closed incision to help minimize scar formation.

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embrace® is the first scar management product of its kind. Developed out of Stanford University by a team including Geoffrey Gurtner, MD, FACS and Michael Longaker, MD, FACS, embrace® is both FDA cleared and proven highly effective at
preventing scar tissue formation.

Each embrace® dressing is an elastomeric device which precisely loads and controls tension, optimizing tension off-load with every dressing. Once applied, the dressing is held on the skin by a medical grade adhesive and delivers a
consistent, compressive force that creates a mechanically privileged environment around the healing scar. embrace®’s Stress-Shield™ technology improves the appearance of scars
after most surgical procedures, such as breast augmentations, face lifts, or even heart surgery. See how embrace® can make surgical scarring a thing of the past for your patients.


  • Wounds under tension are prone to exuberant scarring.
  • Studies show that a low tension environment promotes better healing and reduces scarring.
  • embrace® relieves tension across the newly formed scar.

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Delivers a compressive force that creates a mechanically privileged environment around the incision area.
  • Ensures a secure hold and acts as an active barrier around the entire healing site.
  • Provides precise and reliable strain with each dressing for consistently great results.
  • Aligns over incision site for quick and easy patient application done in just minutes.
  • Actively mends the skin by relieving tension. Tension is the #1 root cause of scarring.
  • Secures, shields, and stabilizes your incision from everyday movement. 
  • These stresses can worsen the scar’s appearance over time as you heal and recover.
  • Hydrates and softens skin to further protect from raised and pigmented scars.
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Easy and Convenient. Applied in 3 simple steps and lasts an average of 10 days.



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